Digital Pulse Check 4.0

Digital Pulse Check 4.0 pulse check 4.0—Digital study on the status of digital transformation in European banks: Focus on digital business models, smart data, agility and initial lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic

The pulse check 4.0 once again shows that it has its finger on the pulse and identifies the digital maturity level of European banks in 2020 in terms of digital strategy, business models to digital bank processes, data, IT and marketing by means of an interactive chatbot.

What is the digital maturity of European banks in 2020? How digital are Europe’s banks? What has changed due to the coronavirus crisis? Have internal processes been digitalized? What is important to bank customers?

This year’s pulse check 4.0 study focuses on digital business models, smart data, process digitalization and agility, also with a view to changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic. What has changed since the last pulse check study?

A new feature of the digital study is the modified concept for data collection using the zeb chatbot tool. The survey can be completed via all mobile devices (Android/iOS) as well as from a web browser. You can now directly ask questions during the survey, which enables you to provide particularly detailed answers.


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