Profitability management


High requirements for a target-oriented profit management

A substantiated and targeted profit management requires a structured preparation of necessary management-relevant information. Clearly depicting the results is indispensable as the basis for all analyses.


Present results transparently with zeb.control

The module allows you to access an integrated and consistent data warehouse to call up targeted, suitable evaluations and institution-specific standard reports at the push of a button and to flexibly drill down into the detailed information if required. We support you with the following range of functions and services:

  • Field-tested, business-model-specific reporting library with intuitive visualization across all result components of customer business management
  • Specific result analyses and ad hoc assessments including time comparisons, target/actual comparisons or time limitations in all dimensions of the result cube (e.g. products, customer groups, profit centers), etc.
    including a differentiated results evaluation for customer/account migration in the case of significant changes in dimension (e.g. organizational or product changes) (split/non-split)
    including the statement and treatment of current account transactions both on the asset and the liability side
  • Maximum drill down options in different institution dimensions, such as organizational units, customer characteristics and/or products, transparent drill down to individual customer/account level for targeted cause analysis if required
  • Extensive and, depending on the business model, predefined indicator library (e.g. contribution margin components from the FTP calculation engine, RoA, net new money, assets under management, with easy expandability and configurable management parameters
  • Transparency of the current income situation through the existing standard reporting
  • Causes are directly visible via drill down
  • Even unusual evaluation requests can be carried out immediately
  • Including zeb’s expert knowledge of customer business management

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