Trading process support


Strict regulatory requirements call for professional trading processes

Continuously increasing regulatory requirements, such as MaRisk and a high market volatility, require banks to maintain professional and efficient trading and settlement systems. In the complex proprietary trading business, it is crucial to have quick and easy access to all information relevant to decision-making. Furthermore, the trading process between the trading and settlement departments, right through to risk management, must be controlled and documented.


Solutions for efficient support trading processes

    The Treasury module supports your proprietary trading processes, taking into account MaRisk requirements. The following functionalities are available:

  • Transaction data input, portfolio management and (mark-to-market and mark-to-model) valuation for proprietary trading
  • Comprehensive securities and derivatives product catalog
  • Determination of income indicators under commercial law as well as of performance
  • Flexible structuring of the inventory by portfolio and detailed evaluations
  • Differentiated limit system including pre-deal limit checks
  • Dealing slip and deadline monitoring function
  • Audit-proof documentation of all process steps including dual-control principle for approvals

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  • Time-saving through automatic trade workflow documentation and generation of dealing slips, etc.
  • A comprehensive legal system ensures compliance
  • Flexible adaptation of portfolios, evaluations and the limit system to individual requirements with a mouse click


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