Large corporate wallet model


Difficulties in identifying earnings potential for individual companies

Gathering the most important and relevant information about companies—both existing customers and noncustomers—tends to be a toilsome and time-consuming task for the sales departments. Publicly available information alone, however, does not provide insight into the companies’ true potential—this requires specific and complex models. The Large Corporate Wallet Model gives you access to the really important and profit-oriented information with just a few clicks and intuitive filtering options.


Earnings potential for individual companies at product level

The Large Corporate Wallet Model provides state-of-the-art digital sales support and offers opportunities for optimizing sales focuses by comparing actual earnings with total wallets. The model combines data at individual company level with product-specific calculation approaches to determine the most accurate wallets, i.e. total earnings potential, for companies with a turnover of EUR 50 m or more.
The model currently contains earnings potentials for ~9,000 European companies from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands—for 20 corporate banking products per company. In addition, it uses data from subsidiary companies to determine the markets in which the respective companies are active.


Increasing yields via an intuitive interface

  • Large Corporate Wallets for 20 corporate banking products in one model at individual client level
  • Out-of-the-box functionality for Germany, Austria and the Netherlands
  • Easily extensible for all European countries thanks to a modern cloud platform
  • Indication of companies’ foreign activities on the basis of subsidiary data
  • Best practice on the market: product-specific wallet calculations and company-specific data
  • Intuitive handling and numerous filter options

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