Survey data quality

Survey data quality

Good customer data as a basic prerequisite for data analytics

Many banks are discussing the use of artificial intelligence in a wide range of areas, from sales and distribution to control and operation/processing.
The application of artificial intelligence usually requires training data. Logically, the quality of the data ultimately also determines the quality of the forecast. In a short survey we asked about 189 customers of banks the following questions:

  • Are your customer data stored correctly and up-to-date at your bank - especially professional group/job status?
  • Does your bank regularly ask you to update your data?
  • Do you have advantages due to the wrong classification at the bank - e.g. lower account management fees?
  • Would you switch to another bank if you no longer have these advantages?
  • Suppose you were building a house? Would you apply for a loan from your bank?
  • Would you recommend your bank to your friends?

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