Digital transformation of one’s business model is a long process. Many banks and insurers have long since embarked on this journey with different strategies, levels of ambition and speeds. The dynamics in the market, at the customer, among competitors / in the network and from technology are faster and more confusing today than ever before. It is important to gain a clear picture and to continue with modern, customer-centric methods and digital solutions in order to “conquer” growth areas. We are happy to help!


TABULARAZA BY ZEB is the place to

  • gain momentum
  • achieve a common understanding of the concrete challenges at customers, the market and the company organization
  • try out innovative and agile working methods
  • design smart solutions and implement them quickly
  • We provide impulses because we know trends and dynamics and get to the heart of the matter—on a societal level (keywords “millennials” and “sustainability”), on a technological level (e.g. AI, data analytics, Cloud, Quantum), as well as on a banking and insurance level (overview of fintech/insurtech companies and leading practices worldwide)
  • We create a common understanding of the most important challenges because we use interactive workshops to methodically “lead” all participants to their point of view / opinion
  • We work with innovative and agile working methods and empower our clients to adapt and develop them further
  • And together with our clients, we design innovative new products and business models that can be successfully brought to market as a “minimum viable product”

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