Large corporate loan pricing


Margins for corporate loans remain under pressure

The market for large corporate loans is challenging. The low interest rate environment generally leads to declining margins. It is all the more important to price the risks as effectively as possible. Identifying risk-adjusted, attractive opportunities is therefore a key task for banks. How does the market for corporate loans develop in different sectors? In which sectors are margins under pressure?


zeb pricing analytics

zeb has already evaluated over 350,000 syndicated corporate loans and offers detailed market insights. Loans are assessed on the basis of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) with regard to their risk-adjusted prices. This allows for completely new analyses, e.g.

  • easier analysis of the market attractiveness for different sectors,
  • better evaluation of own prices in the market context or
  • identification of suitable syndication partners.

Benchmarking prices in corporate banking via an intuitive interface

  • Comparative information regarding own prices in corporate banking
  • Indication of “overheated” prices in individual sectors and/or rating classes
  • Benchmarking with other banks
  • State-of-the-art and intuitive reporting with numerous filter options

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