Benchmarking ESG


Offering the right sustainable product(s)

Design and development of sustainable (ESG) offerings for existing and new client groups requires creativity but also analytical skills. The push and pressure towards sustainability presents a massive opportunity for financial service providers. Many European already provide a large variety of ESG related offerings. However, we find significant differences between the markets. Looking „beyond the end of one’s nose“ can be an inspiration for the development of an own solution.


Online database on ESG offerings in selected European markets

Our ESG product offerings database provides an overview of different ESG related solutions in selected European markets and regions; amongst others UK, Nordics, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Benelux. Intuitive filtering options (market / region, customer type/segment, product type) help to gain a customised overview and inspiration for the development of own offerings.


European ESG product offerings database

• 400+ ESG-related product offerings from European banks and fintechs
• Details to each offering incl. link to provider (if available)
• Different business models and bank sizes covered, from regional to large banks incl. selected fintechs
• Classification if environmental (E), social (S) and/or governance (G) related aspects are main objective of offering
• Intuitive handling and numerous filter options