Benchmarking EBS


European banks in a vicious circle

For more than ten years now, European banks have been caught in a vicious circle of depressed earnings, significant cost pressure and limited growth opportunities. There are significant differences between each bank with respect to their financial KPIs.


Cloud-based European Banking Study by zeb

Based on our proprietary benchmarking solution financial KPIs of European banks can be benchmarked against each other and analysed. Looking at profitability, capital and growth figures provides individual strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the selected peer group. These results can be further used as input for analyses of your own institution’s capabilities with respect to Europe’s top 50 banks.


Online peer comparisons for financial indicators

• KPI benchmarking available at the push of a button
• Direct peer group selection and modification based on the sample of Europe’s top50 banks
• Uniform and direct calculation of indicators for objective comparability
• A comprehensive report library enables trend, cause-and-effect analyses and more
• Available as Software as a Service (SaaS) via our cloud service