UK Building Societies Benchmarking


Understanding value drivers and competitive differences

Building Societies are an essential part of UK’s financial system. With their specific business model and their focus on savings and mortgage lending they play a unique role in the market, very different compared to other financial service providers. This requires a special and adjusted view on Building Societies, their value drivers and even differences within the sector that goes beyond typical comparisons and uses specific figures and data. A comparison only focused on classic financial key performance indicators is not sufficient.


Cloud-based, tailored KPI benchmarking for UK Building Societies

zeb’s solution provides an extensive benchmarking specifically tailored and adjusted for the needs of UK Building Societies reflecting their unique business approach and operating model. This includes in-depth looks at the key drivers of profitability, growth and risks as well as structural differences with regard to sales channels or members between the institutions. Every analysis allows individual settings and specifications that can be changed manually directly in the tool – live and online. Our benchmarking covers individual figures of each and every UK Building Society and allows extensive comparisons with either one institution or individually compliable peer groups. Using only official sources, figures and ratios are comparable and valid.


A comprehensive value driver analysis in one tool

  • Online KPI benchmarking and comparisons at the push of a button
  • Data for each and every UK Building Society based on sophisticated, official publicly available sources
  • Specific KPIs and tailored analyses reflecting the unique business approach and operating model
  • Individual selection of single banks and peer groups
  • Extensive setting options and choice according to your needs
  • Combining zeb’s extensive knowledge of KPI benchmarking and market experience
  • Available as Software as a Service (SaaS) via zeb’s cloud service

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