Detailed results: DIGITAL PULSE CHECK 4.0


DPC 4.0 – study on the digital transformation of European banks

Using interactive chatbot tools, we investigated the digital maturity of European banks in 2020 for the pulse check 4.0 – one of the most comprehensive studies on the digital transformation of the financial sector in Europe.

In this version, you will find the answers to the questions asked. The dashboard can therefore be used to analyze results of the study. Tips on how to use the dashboard are summarized in the video for you.

We also have more detailed analysis functions, such as benchmarking in individual groups and linking to external information. We are happy to share these with you. We look forward to the discussion on the digital pulse of European banks. Please feel free to contact us.

Further information is also available in our summarizing article on BankingHub and in our interactive study booklet .

Digital Pulse Check Switzerland

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, zeb conducted the Digital Pulse Check in cooperation with the Swiss Finance Institute - for the second time after 2019. As part of this successful cooperation, a country-specific study booklet was produced. It contains in-depth comparisons of the digital maturity of Swiss and Liechtenstein banks with their European peers.

The study booklet is available in German, English and French and can be downloaded here.


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